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About Dinah Taylor

Innovative.Practical. Resourceful.

Dinah Taylor has extensive training in behavior, social-emotional support, and systematic change in elementary and secondary schools.  She has spent the last three years working with district personnel, principals, and teachers in developing behavioral systems that are effective and sustainable.

After graduating from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, she worked in Richland One School District as a special education teacher and lead chairperson for ten years. While working with students with emotional and learning disabilities, she realized that real change could happen if interventions were implemented with fidelity, purpose, and intentionality.

Subsequently, Dinah earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, which uses a systems approach to foster transformation within the family unit. This helped her work even further while working with and within schools. Using a very similar therapeutic model, along with MTSS research and practice, Dinah has developed a platform that allows for change to happen over time with the expectation that the change will not only be sustainable but also maintainable. 

Currently, Dinah serves as a behavior intervention specialist. She understands that in order for change to be significant, schools must look at the system holistically; keep what is working; remove what is not, and work towards obtaining what they do not have. She, along with her husband, Rodney Taylor are the founders of Systems That Work, LLC and are committed to doing “the work.”

With a dedicated, methodical, and thoughtful process to helping schools and districts, Dinah is unwavering in her pursuit to see students, staff members, and families work together to ensure the success of our future communities.

About The Therapeutic Teacher: About

The Therapeutic Teacher

After teaching for 10 years in a marginalized community of predominantly African American & Hispanic students, I realized that I wanted to do more to reach the communities in which I was teaching. For the past six years, I have worked as a MTSS Behavior Specialist. I work extensively with school leaders and staff in creating effective and empathetic systems for behavior and social emotional learning. I began a community and consulting company to help provide schools, parents, and community partners with practical strategies to help children be successful.  Our company’s mission is to empower, engage, and educate parents & educators to assist adults in working with children so that they learn how to be contributing and empathetic citizens.

About The Therapeutic Teacher: About

More About Dinah

  • Certified Restorative Practices Trainer 

  • Certified ACEs Trainer 

  • Presented to over 5,000 educators to date

  • Trauma Expert 

  • Presented at over 30 conferences 

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

  • Advocate for Better Families and Communities 

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