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Systems That Work's most popular professional developments and trainings are:

  • The Therapeutic Teacher: A Trauma Informed Approach to Instruction

  • Restorative Practices: A Whole Child Approach to Strengthening Community

  • The Culture Gap: Culturally Relevant Instructional Practices for Marginalized Communities 

  • Social Emotional Learning & It's Importance in Student Success

  • Family & Community Engagement: A Blueprint for Connection 

Each series can be tailored to meet the needs of your school or district. Get in contact to see how we can design a plan that is best suited for you and your staff needs.

The Therapeutic Teacher: A Trauma Informed Instructional Approach to Learning

Systems That Work has expertise in building the capacity of teachers. We understand that teachers can not give what they do not possess. One of the only professional consulting companies that has a systematic focus on teacher wellness. Teachers are the cornerstone of education and their health is equally important as our students' health. When teachers are well, the students are well. By plugging wellness and social emotional wellness into every training, teachers and leaders are more apt and capable to handle difficult obstacles. With Certified Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) trainers, Systems That Work will provide best instructional practices that are aligned with CASEL's SEL Framework and are rooted in self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, social awareness, and self-awareness. Each training is developed with knowledge, research, and a systematized approach.

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The Culture Gap

Many believe that there is an achievement gap and many have tried to close that achievement gap. Systems That Work believes that the concern is strongly correlated with the lack of understanding and cultural differences. When participants are engaged in this professional development series, they go through a systemized sequence of proven and practical strategies to engage our most impacted students in a way that respects and honors their culture and experiences.

Restorative Practices: A Whole Child Approach to Strengthening School Climate & Community

While the current moment is wrought with crises and difficult decisions, this time also creates an opportunity to focus and reimagine practices so that we pave a more equitable and restorative approach to education. Redesigning schools require a data-informed approach where we intentionally create environments where young people are seen, nurtured, and healed. Restorative practices attends to the cognitive, academic, and social emotional needs of students. At Systems That Work, we work collaboratively with your teachers, leaders, and staff to effectively value and build upon the cultures, identities, and experiences of students and their families.

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Trauma & its' Impact on Marginalized Communities

Adverse Childhood Experiences & Intergenerational Trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are experiences that deeply impact a young person and profoundly affect emotional and physical health later in life. However, we cannot discuss ACEs without discussing how historical & community trauma plays a major contributing major roles in its impact on marginalized communities more significantly. These complex traumas have longer lasting effects that many times stakeholders are not aware of. The great news for children is that ACEs & the continuation of intergenerational trauma are preventable and if intervention occurs early, the impact of health risk behaviors amongst teens and adults decrease drastically.

Education: Video
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