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The Story of a Paper Rose

While I was doing a class observation, I was in awe of all the potential the kids had, but did not realize they possessed. At that moment, I put my laptop down, and asked the teacher if I could share a story that went along with his lesson. He was more than happy to allow me to speak to the children. This was not to prove a point. Not to demonstrate, but because our students deserve it! They deserve intentionality, thoughtfulness, and well-executed lessons. They deserve it! Period.

After teaching the mini-lesson, there was one particular girl who would not close her mouth. I told her to stand by me as we closed out our circle and I put my arm around her so she would be still. It was then that she hugged me so tight, put her head on my shoulder, and melted in my arms and just stayed there until I finished. These kids aren’t bad (well, not all of

They just want someone to love them, notice them, and wrap their arms around them. They need someone to tell them I know it’s hard, but we still must get the work done. They simply need a caring hand that could help birth what God has already placed in them. They need strong, but compassionate teachers who have a sense of urgency and understand the time is now!

As I was leaving, a beautiful young girl with glasses walked up to me and said, “I made you this rose, Mrs. Taylor. Thank you! And I’m going to do better!”

Beautiful Paper Rose!

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